Ceilings by Difficulty

Paint – Easy

Painting is probably one of the easiest DIY tasks, the biggest challenge being navigating around trim. But one of the great things about painting is that when a mistake is made, it can easily be corrected —just paint over it.

Glue-Up – Medium

A glue-up project is fairly straightforward: simply apply construction adhesive to the back of your material and affix it to the existing drywall or plaster ceiling. You can use lightweight faux tin, real tin or vinyl products, but acoustic panels are not an option with glue-up installations.

Nail-Up – Medium

Nail-up projects are better for heavier materials such as real tin ceiling panels. An extra set of hands is also helpful to hold materials in place while using a hammer and nails.

Suspended – Hard

Suspended ceilings are probably the most difficult of the ceiling projects. Challenges include determining room layout, getting accurate measurements for material and hanging the wires. But like any DIY project, once the initial challenges are out of the way, you’ll find a rhythm and things should go smoothly.